Sample Excuse Letter for Being Absent from Class Due to Illness

Here is a sample format for an Excuse Letter. This is often used when a child misses his or her classes due to an illness. 

                                                                                    (Insert Date Here)

(Insert School Name)
(Insert School Address)

Dear Sir/Madame (Insert Teacher's Name):

     Please excuse my son/daughter (Insert your child's name) from his/her classes last (Insert Date of Absence or Period) as he/she was ill. Kindly extend to her/him any assistance on the lessons or assignments missed during that period. Please refer to the attached medical certificate. (Include this only if he/she has one)

        Hoping for your consideration and understanding. Thank you very much.

                                                                                  (Insert Your Signature)
                                                                                  (Insert Your Full Name)

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