Resignation Letter Sample with Two-Week or 30-Day Notice

Below is a sample of a basic resignation letter that you can freely use. This simple resignation sample format can also be used if you are allowed to tender resignation via email. Last updated 07 August 2015


Name of Immediate Superior
Company Name
Company Address

RE: Resignation

Dear Sir/Madame:

                 This is to inform you of my intention to resign from my position as (Insert your current position) effective (Date when the resignation becomes effective -- which is often 15 or 30 days from notice depending on your company policy or labor law in your country).    

                  I would like take this opportunity to convey my gratitude for the career growth and personal development opportunities given to me during my stay with this organization.

          To ensure the smooth transition and turnover of my responsibilities and accountability,  be assured of my continued attendance in the remaining period.  Thank you once again and more power!


                                                                 (Insert your name here)

cc: Human Resource Manager

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