Apr 27, 2013

Sample Authorization Letter to Pick Up NSO or Census Document

Important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, CENOMAR or certificate of no marriage, and death certificates can be obtained at the Census or the National Statistics Office (NSO). These documents may also be obtained online. However, since some people are unavailable or too busy to pick up these document themselves, they need to authorize someone to pick up.

Here is a sample authorization letter to pick up any of such documents from the Census. Use a Arial or Times New Roman 12 font for easier readability. Print on a letter size bond, while the use of envelopes are optional.


Census/NSO Office
(Location of NSO)

To whom it may concern:

This is to authorize Mr./Ms. (Name of the person you want to authorize) to pick up my Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate/Cenomar, in my behalf. Please see enclosed my personal identification card for your reference.

(Your Signature)
(Your Name)

Note: When the representative is NOT any of the following --- a)owner of the document, b) his/her spouse, c)his/her parent (if minor), d)his/her direct descendant, or e) his/her direct guardian/institution-in-charge, NSO requires 1) authorization and ID of the owner of the  document, and 2) the ID of the authorized representative. 

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    1. Hi em_em! I'm glad this sample authorization letter helped you and I hope you already got your NSO document. Thanks much for visiting this blog. Have a nice day!

  2. Hi ma'am GM, can i asked some question about authorization letter for NSO/E-Census, by the way i am in outside of Philippines (abroad) together with my Fiancee, we've decided to take a vacation on this coming sept 2013 to marry, so i decided to apply NSO Birth certificate and CENOMAR through online it's because of we want it to be ready our other document's such as i mentioned above when the time we arrived in Philippines, so my main doubt is my Authorized person she is my relatives (Auntie) and the problem i don't have any valid ID from my Auntie, and i am thinking if i scan my Passport copy or Residence ID here in abroad and send it to my Auntie through E-mail, is it possible that they will honor the copy of my scan document's and my will retrieve my documents? I thank in advance for your reply to my question.

  3. 2. For Birth Certificate Application Only:

    Valid ID is required for both the owner and requester of document.
    Authorization letter and ID of the document owner together with the ID of the requester are required if the requester is not of the following: a) document owner; b) parent; c) spouse; d) direct descendant; e) legal guardian/ institution in-charge, if minor.

    If I am to request for my father's NSO birth certificate, does this mean that I only have to present my ID and no need for my father's ID and authorization letter?

  4. Hi! Based on what was indicated in the requirement, yes I believe you are right. Thanks!

  5. Hi just wanna confirm if i will have to request for my brothers nso birth does it needa to have his valid id or can i just submit an authorization letter w/ my id??
    Im confused

  6. what if i am just recently married,do i need to update my status in nso in order for me to get my nso birthcertificate?

    1. Hi Sheen, sorry for the lapse of time. It's the duty of the local civil registrar to forward and update your marriage documents with the NSO.

  7. you should add the "reason" to claim it.

  8. Hi Riezl,
    Stating the reason is optional. It is not really strictly required as long as the representative bring the required letter and IDs. For easier way to obtain your NSO documents, I suggest you apply online through E-Census.com. It is hassle free and you get the documents from 3 days to a week depending on you location.

    Thanks for visiting this blog.


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